NEWS: Telness Technologies becomes 100% cloud-based via collaboration with - ready for global expansion

24th March, 2021
Telness and
Martina Klingvall CEO Telness, Jonas Cedenwing CEO Telness Technologies, Gunnar Reinholdsen Co-founder and Jörgen Bjorkner CEO, a serverless platform for real-time communications services, and Telness Technologies have entered into a collaboration for to provide cloud native communications services. Telness Technologies is the backbone of the first digital mobile operator for enterprises and entrepreneurs, Telness. The agreement between Telness and the cloud native communications services company makes Telness Technologies Unified Communication platform 100% cloud native. last week announced the signing of an agreement with Telness, the first digital operator focusing on the underserved small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Sweden. Telness runs on cloud-based, proprietary technology provided by Telness Technologies. Telness Technologies offers telecom solutions for companies looking to enhance innovation capacity while reducing cost and complexity. The product offering consists of an end-to-end Digital Telco on Demand as well as a White-label Private Branch Exchange (PBX). These services are the backbone of the operator brand Telness and are continuously developed based on real customer feedback and data analysis.

"We are impressed by capabilities, and their platform gives us more flexibility in rapidly launching new functionalities to the market and position ourselves for further accelerating innovation and growth in Sweden and globally."

- Jonas, CEO Telness technologies

The pandemic has shown the importance of reliable and modern Unified Communication solutions with the ability to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics. Cloud technology revolutionizes how we communicate and enables companies to scale their digital solutions as they grow. Today, many cloud solutions still depend on hardware and monolithic software design, which significantly reduces flexibility and the ability to launch new solutions.

With as a vendor, Telness Technologies Unified Communication platform is 100% cloud-native with unlimited opportunities to scale in the public cloud. Initially, provides media services and WebRTC functionality to Telness Technologies, with additional functionality in the future to support demand and growth.

"We are delighted to support Telness Technologies in their inspiring journey and are looking forward to continuing our collaboration and provide further cloud-native services to Telness Technologies’ Unified Communication solution."

- Gunnar Reinholdsen co-founder