A pointing curved arrowTelness is changing what an operator can be.

Digital, transparent and hassle-free.

We offer end-to-end mobile core technology for the future and give mobile operators enhanced innovation capacity, while reducing cost and complexity.

  • SaaS

  • UX-driven

  • Cloud

Jonas from Telness

We've been designing the platform of the future.

Creating an opportunity for operators to make their current solution digital, efficient, and enable better customer experiences.

How could Telness Technologies create value for you?A pointing curved arrow

What technologies could you enable –
With less legacy and new tech opportunities?
Launch a new digial brand (consumer/family/SME/Enterprise)
Launch a fully digital, cloud-based mobile PBX
Optimize self-service
Reduce cost of customer relationship (reduce overhead costs)
Reduce complexity and legacy in your back end
Improve customer experience and drive innovation

A platform built for

Massive Scalability

Unlimited Extensibility

Ironclad security and reliability

Rapid and continuous innovation

Telecom infrastructure that supports the new worldA pointing curved arrow

Unique end-to-end telecom platform ready for rapid launch and low total cost of ownership
Native Public Cloud - we run nothing on bare-metal or on the premises
Cloud provider agnostic gives worldwide reach
Scalability on demand with almost unlimited resources and computational power ready for both vertical and horizontal elasticity
Rapid and continuous innovation. Automated continuous deployments and product development
One generic code-base for all customers to minimize TCO (total cost of ownership)
Minimized time-to-market for new customers, products and features

Transform your business into the future - from the inside out

We offer a tech platform that enables an operator to successfully launch, manage and transform their business.