About Telness Tech

Founded to "change the standards within telecom". Through innovative and modern technology, we change the expectations of what an operator can be.

Since no one knows how the future will look like, Telness Tech is a smart module-based telecom platform to ensure a technology that isadapted to rapid change both internally and externally.

Cloud based, flexible and scalable.

To build this future proof platform, the Telness team has deep experience from telecom and more than 15 full-time developers, with valuable insights from other industries such as banking and gaming - which in many areas are at the forefront in digitalisation and scalable solutions.

The Telness Group employs more than 30 passionate individuals, themajority of whom are software developers and business developers. We also operate our own MVNO in Sweden, using our own platform to always develop, test, prove and improve the technology based on the needs from a modern, lean operator and, most importantly, its customers.

Our view of the future of telecom

Agile & adaptable development

The customer demands changes rapidly. Key for success is to quicklyadapt, and that requires agile technology, processes and UX designed for an agile new world.

Multichannel with customer centric and user friendly solutions

The future requires a multichannel solution with digital sales and support as main channel. Customers prefer self-service alternatives if UX is simple enough to save them time and money.

The future will not afford todays numbers of staff in support and delivery

Brand and value adding services will become more and more important as well as lower price points will require more lean organizations at a lower cost per customer.

Our approach

World class customer experience

Modern competences and best practices from other industries

Agile development and learn by doing

Tech driven automatization

The founding team
Tech, commercial and ops experience

Strong team with unique tech, commercial and ops experience - for mutual success!

Jonas Cedenwing - Telness

Jonas Cedenwing

VP Telness Tech & co-founder

"By building from the ground up, we can use the latest technology and modern methods to create the best service for you."

Martina Klingvall - Telness

Martina Klingvall

VP Telness MVNO & founder

"I know many have tried, but we have actually managed to build something unique that changes the prerequisites for an operator to be lean, digital and user friendly. It is exciting!”

Carl Sahlin - Telness

Carl Sahlin

CFO & co-founder

"The best thing about Telness is that you get to be involved and build a company based on trust, transparency and equality. Both for us and for our customers."

We know what an operator wants.

Telness has launched a successful growing MVNO in Sweden with an unique digital offering, that is loved our customers.

Based on experiences from implementing and using our own tech solution for our separate operator business we have seen results of what Telness Tech can contribute to in terms of customers experience, digital sales, as well as efficiency in support, delivery and maintenance. That is one of many reasons we believe a partnership between with Telness Tech is a great way to accelerate your digital innovation with a successful outcome – and not another “IT project”.


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