Questions & Answers

Is Telness platform available for all markets and countries?

The platform is a cloud based end-to-end telecom infrastructure, independent and available for all countries and network.

Are you fully cloud based?

The platform is 100% cloud based. We are cloud agnostic to all the three big cloud providers and some more.

Where are Telness based, how are you capitalized and how does your organization look like?

Telness is a Telecom company, founded and based in Sweden. We are owned by our founders, team and angel investors in Sweden, and independent of any other telecom operator. The team is growing rapidly and consist today of around 25 talented employees from different backgrounds.

How does you infrastructure look like?

We have built an unique module-based infrastructure to always prepare for the future and be able to adapt quickly, as well as a possibility for our SaaS customers to use the whole infrastructure or only chosen modules. Please contact us if you want a demo of our platform and details in infrastructure and architecture.

Do you have any use-cases I can look at?

Telness has built an MVNO in Sweden as a POC using our platform infrastructure and developing the platform based on customer and operator needs, for a great customer experience, automized workflows and efficient operations for the operators. Please contact us and we can demo the environment both front- and back-end, as well as best practise use-case results.