An interview with Telness Technologies Board member Per

18:e januari, 2021

As Telness grows, our board grows along with us and we're happy to present Per Borgklint as our newest addition. Per has extensive experience within the telecommunication industry, and during his tenure at Ericsson he both as CEO of international operators, and with group management. With his experience he has significant insight into the global telecom market, and the challenges operators face.

Per contributes both an international perspective, but also brings to the table his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. In addition, he has previous experience with other startups, and we are looking forward to welcoming Per, his skills, and his knowledge into the company.

How would you describe Telness and what is the big difference from the other operators?
Telness is a startup with energy, ambition and a drive to develop. To be honest, my spontaneous first impression was that Telness had a rather narrow business idea, but this thought changed completely when Martina and Jonas presented Telness technical platform. The company has very good conditions for achieving great success globally because they have managed to get so far with their technology, where they have seen what challenges there are and how to address them.

The big upside is really in the unique, technical platform that differs from the others on the market as it has an architecture that is designed according to the end user. Thanks to both the technology and the culture, Telness customer flexibility and transparency is extremely high. At other operators, it has been seen that they usually design their technology according to the needs they have internally and there Telness differ from the other operators.

How would you describe today's technical environment at the operators today?
Like a thick forest that is protected. That's actually the way it is. Very messy. There are many legacy systems, a lot of dependencies, low flexibility and difficult to change in their services. It really is no big deal. The technical environment for an operator today is also absolutely crucial both for efficiency as well as meeting the needs of modern customers.

Why do you think no one has built what Telness Technologies has done before?
There are some who have managed to build local parts of it, but to keep it together into a whole stack, no one else has succeeded. In the past, customers have not been receptive to the technology either, but right now it's just in time.

What do you think the operator of the future will look like?
I think the operator of the future will be digital and flexible for me as an end user where I can fix and change in my subscriptions myself. I generally think that operators are the same as they always have been and it is very "physical" in the market, even though it does not really have to be. A modern consumer does not want to call in to a customer service but wants to be able to do everything himself. Therefore, you need a platform that is technically relevant and offers functionality that customers demand.

Where do you think Telness will be in 10 years?
If I visualize in to the future, I see only success. Seriously with the right focus and enormous conditions to become something absolutely fantastic. The possibilities for becoming a global software company are endless if it all goes well.

Thanks to Per for allowing us to interview him, and we wish you a very warm welcome to Telness and Telness Technologies

With <3 from Telness Technologies.